Votex Steam Flow Meter

The DM-03 as a compact flow meter in a flange/sandwhich version is suitable for universal use in measuring liquids, gases and vapors.
The temperature compensation for saturated steam is integrated as standard, thus enabling direct compensation of the density: the mass and energy can also be measured.
Size: 15mm - 300mm

2-wire device with integrated pressure and temperature compensation.
Non-wearing, fully welded stainless steel construction with high corrosion
Pressure and temperature resistance.
Ready to use immediately thanks to plug & play.
Maintenance-free sensor design.
Use for:

  • Chemical, Oil & gas, Power Plants, Iron, Steel and Metal
  • Paper, and Pulp, Water & Automotive.
  • Vapor and saturated steam measurement.
  • Steam boiler monitoring.
  • Monitoring of Compressor output.
  • Measurement of consumption of industrial gases.
  • SIP and CIP processes in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Measurement of consumption and non-conductive liquids.