AMR Water Meter

  • Dry Dial Magnetic drive
  • Antimagnetic type, protected against external magnetic tampering
  • Vacuum-sealed register, frost resistant, keeps clear reading for long time
  • Available for cold water 0 ~ 45°C
  • Register can be rotated in any direction for convenient reading
  • High Accuracy, the meters conform to ISO-4064 Standard
  • Brass body can be painted or powdered coated
  • Operation RF, GSM/GPRS, prepaid, LORA wireless
  • Battery operated (Life 10 Years)

The prerequisite for the inetegration of water meters, into modern remote reading systems is the ability of the meters to communicate. AMR-technology by Belanto of water meter provides modular structured solutions for smart metering systems via suitable interfaces, adapted to individual customer requirements. Our portfolio inclueds bothe wired bus systems and wireless radio solutions, as well as the associated software for activation and for taking readings with the systems.

Working Condition

- Water temperature ≤ 45°C
- Water pressure ≤ 1MPa
- Pressure Lose < 0.1Pa
- Maximum pressure - 16bar


- From minimum flow-rate (Qmin) inclusive, to transitional flow-rate (Qt) Exclusive +-5%
- From transitional flow-rate (Qt) Inclusive, to overload flow rate (Qmax) Exclusive +- 2%




Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Length including nipple ±


Height (mm)


Connecting Thread


Multi Jet 15 mm 165 81 250 100 3/4"

Head Loss Curve