Ultrasonic Clamp Type Meter

The Transit Time Flowmeter utilises two transducers that function as both, ultrasonic transmitters and receivers. The transducers are clamped on the outside of a closed pipe or inserted in the pipeline by using an isolating ball valve assembly at a specific distance from each other. Transit Time Flowmeters measure the time it takes for an ultrasonic signal transmitted from one sensor to cross a pipe and be received by a second sensor. Upstream and downstream time measurements are compared. With no flow, the transit time would be equal in both directions. with flow, sound will travel faster in the direction of the flow and slower against the flow. The liquid velocity (V) inside the pipe can be related to the difference in time of flight (△ t) through the following equation:

V = KxDx△t
where V : Liquid velocity
K : Constant
D : Distance between the two transducers
t : Difference in time of flight

Power Supply 24 V DC ± 20%
110 V AC ± 15%
240 V AC ± 15%
Velocity ± 12 m/sec, Bidirectional
Display 2 lines, 16 characters,
LCD with backlight, flow rate
velocity, totaliser
Units User configurable English/Metric
Totaliser FWD, NET, REV, BATCH
(Gallons, ft³, Barrels, lbs, m³)
Output 4-20 mA DC Std.*
Accuracy ± 1% of reading @ ate > 0.5 m/sec.
(Optional ± 0.5% of reading)
Repeatability 0.2% of Span
Dimensions 251x190x96 mm
Weight < 2.5 kg
Security Keypad lockout, access code enabled


Suited temp. - Std. -40°C to 120°C
Suited temp. - High -40°C to 250°C
Pipe Size S Transducer 15-80 mm
M Transducer 50-700 mm
L Transducer 400-4570 mm
Dimensions S Transducer 45x30x30 mm
M Transducer 60x45x45 mm
L Transducer 80x70x55 mm
Weight S Transducer < 0.3 kg
M Transducer < 0.5 kg
L Transducer < 1.0 kg
Cable length 6 m Std. can be extended up to 300 m
Flexible belts SS belt according to pipe size
Portable case NA