MID Water Meter

Belanto MULTI G is IMPELLER (turbine) water meter with magnetic transmission, dry tape register for residential application with sizes from Dn15 to Dn25 designed by Belanto and meets to the requirements of directive 2004/22/EC on measuring instruments; the European Standard EN14154+A1+A2 <Water Meter> ; the International Organization of Legar Metrology OIML R-49: 2006(E): Water meters intended for the metering of cold potable water and hot water.


  • All the material in contact with water; conciously selected by the known resistance to corrosion
  • Cold water meter under current standard for lower than 30 C(T30), but Belanto MULTI G can be used safely in water temperature upto 50 C(T50)
  • The ROTARY indicator register for the most comfortable reading position of 7 Rollers and 2 Pointers
  • The ROTARY plastic cap and lid for the most comfortable installation
  • The impeller is the only moving part in contact with the water permitting the most reliable
  • The inlet filter at the inlet of the meter body permits cleaning it without breaking the metrological seal; internal filter as option
  • The conception of the Magnetic protection to against the external influences; non return valve to avoid the reserve flow Rate AS OPTION
Size mm Dn15 Dn20 Dn20
R Q3/ Q1 80 80 80
Q4 m3/ h 3,125 5 3,125
Q3 m3/ h 2,5 4 2,5
Q2 l/ h 50 80 50
Q1 l/h 31,25 50 31,25
Specification AS OPTION
R Q3/ Q1 50 50 50
Q4 m3/ h 2 3,125 2
Q3 m3/ h 1,6 2,5 1,6
Q2 l/ h 51.2 80 51.2
Q1 l/h 32 50 32
m 3 99999,9999
Liter 0.05
P P<63 at Q3
°C T30 or T50
Size Dn Dn15 Dn20 Dn25
Metrological Class B B B B
Qmax m 3/ h 3 5 6
Qn m 3/ h 1.5 2.5 3.5
Qt l/h 120 200 280
Qmin l/h 30 50 70
Max. Reading m3 99999,9999
Min. Reading Liter 0,05
Pressure Loss Bars P<1 at Qmax
P<25 at Qn
Max. Pressure Bars PN16
Max. Temperature °C 40

Size Dn15 Dn20 Dn25
L 165 190 260
L1 259 294 380
D G3/4B G1B G 1/1/4 B
d R1/2 R3/4 R1
H 90 90 112
H1 145.5 145.5 190
W 77.5 77.5 99.5

Max. Permission Errors
From Q1 inclusive up to but excluding Q2 is +-5%;
From Q2 inclusive up to but excluding Q4 is +-2%
For T30 and +-3% for T50