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Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter K-03

Battery Electromagnetic Flow Meter
  • Outstanding accuracy.
  • Operate over wide range of temperature & Pressure
  • Easy maintenance as no moving parts.
  • Pulsed DC coil excitation
Line Size Minimum Flow Maximum Flow
40 mm 0 m³/hr 15 m³/hr
50 mm 0 m³/hr 15 m³/hr
80 mm 0 m³/hr 45 m³/hr
100 mm 0 m³/hr 57 m³/hr
150 mm 0 m³/hr 150 m³/hr
MT Pipe Indication When empty pipe is detected "MT pipe" message is Displayed on LCD display for 2 seconds, periodically.
Low Battery indication When approximately 85% of battery power detected consumed. Red LED on keypad starts blinking.
Over Range Display When Flow Rate or Totaliser value is beyond display Limit, "OVER" message is displayed.
Reverse Flow Indication Reverse Flow is indicated by 'R' with flow value on Display. when Flow in reverse totaliser Value is not updated.
Auto LCD Display After 10 minutes, from last key board operation.
Data Storage Totaliser is saved at 11.30 p.m. everyday in to EEPROM.
Low Flow Setting Low Flow value set by user is compared with flow rate and if flow rate found than low flow value, totaliser is not updated.
Unit Conversion User can set display units for flow rate & totaliser as per requirement.
Communication (Optional) Kushal Brand comes with one RS232 port.


Battery Meter Installation