Belanto Oil Meter

Mechanical Meter - Strainer must required inlet of the oil meter.

Petroleum Matering equipment & Accessories

Mechanical volumetric flow-meter for private use, with Nutating-disc type chamber for delivers to 120 LPM. It can be installed for gravitational feeding, as well as for hand operated or electric transfer pumps with by-pass arrangement.

Technical Performance

Connecting Style : NPT/BSPP Thread
Material : Aluminium weight : about 0.8Kgs
Flow Range : 20mm (3/4") 2.6 - 75.7 LPM
25mm (1") 18.9 - 190 LPM
40mm (1-1/2") 38.0 - 380 LPM
Accuracy 20mm ± 0.1, 25mm ±1.0%, 40mm ±0.5%
Repetition ± 0.1%

Pressure Performance

Max. Pressure : 300 psi
Working Pressure : 2-10 bar
Supposed fitter dimension : 55mesh

Fluid Compatibility

The DM-01 series meters are compatible with the following fluids:
Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Kerosene, Methanol

Technical Data DM-01
Meter Mechanism Nutating Disk
Flow-Rate (Range) 20-120 l/min (5.28-31.7 Gal/min)
Operating Pressure (max) 3.5bar (49psi)
Brust Pressure (max) 30bar (420psi)
Storage Time (range) -20-+80o
Storage Humidity (max) 95%
Operating Temperature (range) -10-+60o
Accuracy after calibration +/-1%
Repeatability (typical) +/- 0.3%
Readout Solution 0.1L/Gal
Connection (inlet/outlet) 1 inch BSP/NPT
Weight (approximate) Package Dimension 1.8 Kg 18x16x14


  • The oil meter could be install in any position, non horizontal positions the flow shall upwards.
  • The meter shall be full of oil while operation
  • Prior to installation of a meter, the pipeline shall be thoroughly flushed.
  • Straight pipe section of the same diameter D as the meter, having length of 10D and 5D shall be installed upstream and downstream of the meter respectively.